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"As an artist & craftsperson, there is nothing more gratifying than receiving a special note from one of my satisfied customers. Without you there is no GGS! Many thanks for your support & feedback... the very inspiration to offer the very best product and value while crafting with care!" Angela Ben-Kiki


• Most amazing artisan seamstress & designer of functional accessories.
Susan Clellen | Cleveland OH | waxed bib apron

• Kickass designer & space! A truly fun experience.  Anonymous- Cleveland OH

• Thank you! This bag rocks! So versatile and love the whistle. How smart of you to think of that.  Bliss D | Cincinatti OH

• "Hello Angela! I got my apron today. I. am. In. Love. It's the first time I've ever had an apron that comes close to fitting- and more than that it fits perfectly! I love the fabric, the hardware- everything! It is better than I could have possibly hoped for. It was great of you to add the extra pockets on the side my hands just find them automatically. Thank you so much and I will steer as many people your way as possible."                                                                                              Philip August - Birmingham AL  • Heritage Waxed Canvas Bib Apron

• “I am truly a satisfied customer as an owner of the only, to date “Rick Green Green Garage” laptop bag. The bag works. The bag looks. The bag didn’t help me mediate a recent case, but I looked good in the process! I enjoyed meeting and working with you. Have a good summer! Having more time to pore over the bag, the design is clever & the workmanship fantastic. I am making a pledge to buy fewer things that are quality and that will sustain themselves. Thank you."                                            

 Rick Green - Akron OH • Custom Laptop Bag

• “This bag is fabulous!!! I happen to own a version of this beauty. It is dressed-up denim & intelligent design. Pockets for everything you need in a purse... phone pens, eyeglasses, a zipper pocket... I even stashed my husband’s laptop in it yesterday. GG’s craftsmanship & attention to detail are exceptional.”                                                                                                         Diane Kasprowicz – Cleveland OH • Raw Denim DK Shoulder Bag  

• "Beautiful! Not just another pretty bag living on a shelf or hook. Your bags fit into life perfectly. Thanks!" Tamara Ben-Kiki - Harrison ME • Raw Denim Shoulder Bag

• "They are exceptional... I bought 2 bags for my boss & friend. They love them and the bags are so sturdy for the city!!"
Tracy Keshani - NYC | Custom Business Tote                           

• “I am using my apron in the studio. My students love it.” Bliss Devault - Cincinnati OH                                                                                  

• “Real utility just like we want. Love mine; even has a sneaky pocket & ring for keys. A Hero’s Gift for sure.” 

Rj – Cleveland OH 

• "Received my package today! So excited to be taking Green Garage to Australia today! Love it! People comment on it all the time. Your work is amazing."                                                                          

Bliss DeVault - Cincinnati OH  

• “Funny you should email me, I was just thinking about dropping you a line about how much satisfaction I have gotten out of my laptop bag. This is the best purchase of mine this year (in years), even pitted against my new bicycle. I made a presentation last week to a group and had the bag prominently on display—formerly, my bag would have been under the table. Hope you had a great summer."

Regards, Rick Green - Akron OH • Custom Laptop Bag 


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